We were tipped off on Twitter about a new shop that's opened at 89 Ladywell Road. Called Engedi (although the sign still says something else), it was described to us as an arts and crafts shop.

However, every time we've been past, it's been closed and a quick peer through the security shutters suggests it more like a gift shop than an arts and craft shop.

If you've used the shop, please tell us what it's like.


Pete said...

Well I went in on their first day. They didn't have all of their stock in though. Their limited stock included:

Clothes for ladies,
posh smelly candles

Anonymous said...

To my shame I can't think where this is.

Sue said...

It's a gift and card shop. It's where Creare used to be. They had a stall at Ladywell Christmas Fayre with some nice gifts, but I don't think they're fully up and running yet.

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