East London Line 'enters final stage'

The Eastlondonlines blog reports that TfL has taken charge of the East London Line network, marking the final stage in the project's life, before it becomes operational in a few months' time. They quote TfL as saying:

“We have now entered the final stages in the development. Stations along the line require finishing touches”.


Anonymous said...

.....except Brockley.

Ed said...

Brockley station strikes me as looking more like a cold war border checkpoint with its decrepit bridge and porta cabin than a station on a 21st century transport network.

Paddyom said...

Wonder will the station be re branded any time soon with tube like signs and maps etc...?

Anonymous said...

I also wonder if TFL will address the disabled access/person with pram issue that blights Platform 1.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16:04 no

The Cat Man said...

I think we need some gurellia painting! How about a nice magnolia

pedant said...

That'd be guerilla catman. From the french word for war. We must have standards.

pedant said...

On second thoughts, I think he does it on purpose. One trait of accountants is an attention to detail.

Beecroftian said...

London Reconnections has projected timetables for the East London Line. I've pasted in the services here but to see the full article see here


00:00:00 Canada Water
00:01:30 Rotherhithe
00:03:30 Wapping
00:05:30 Shadwell
00:08:00 Whitechapel
00:11:30 Shoreditch High Street
00:14:00 Hoxton
00:16:30 Haggerston
00:18:00 Dalston Jn.


00:00:00 Canada Water
00:02:00 Surrey Quays
00:05:00 New Cross Gate
00:08:00 Brockley
00:11:00 Honor Oak Park
00:14:00 Forest Hill
00:16:30 Sydenham
00:20:00 Crystal Palace
00:19:00 Penge West
00:21:30 Anerley
00:24:30 Norwood Jn
00:30:00 West Croydon


00:00:00 Canada Water
00:02:00 Surrey Quays
00:04:00 Surrey Canal Road
00:06:30 Queens Road Peckham
00:09:00 Peckham Rye
00:12:00 Denmark Hill
00:16:30 Clapham High St
00:18:30 Wandsworth Road
00:23:30 Clapham Junction

Brockley Nick said...

Ooh, good find. Worthy of a thread of its own.

I'll create one tomorrow.

Monkeyboy said...

...not ime tables, traveltimes. So 8mins from Canada water to Brockley

Beecroftian said...

Well spotted MB!

Brockley Central Label Cloud