The Brockley Mess cueB

The Brockley Mess cafe has a spiffy new website and has thrown the walls of its gallery space - cueB - open to local artists.

The Open cueB project aims to provide opportunities for amateur and professional artists to show their work.

The exhbition will run from February 3rd - 25th 2010. Head to their site for more information and to download the application form.

With thanks to Moira.


patrick1971 said...

I see it says on their website that they have an alcohol licence; are they open late now? (no opening hours on the website that I could see)

I still haven't got down there; I have to admit I've been a bit put off by all the tales of children. I don't hate kids, and I'm glad that the Mess is catering to this market, but it's just not for me. If they're open late for dinner and drinks I will definitely try and check it out.

M said...

I was in there the other day and there's a sign on the door saying they aren't open in the evenings at the moment.

I like the latest exhibition - particularly the large scale 7" singles.
At two and a half grand each they're out of my price bracket sadly.

quick brown fox said...

Nice website - doesn't have the menu on it, so far as I can see, which I would have thought would be helpful.

They were hoping to open in the evenings quite a while back - would be a real boon to this bit of Brockley. Maybe someone from there could update us? They've had time to get over their teething problems now, which was (I thought) what had caused the delay.

patrick1971 said...

I thought what had caused the delay was a lack of licence, which according to the website is now sorted.

Timmy2wheels said...

Hello, Tim from the Mess here...

I am finishing the drawings required for the licence application as we speak. So, in short, no, we don't have a licence at the moment, hence we are not opening past 5:30pm.

Please bear with us! We will be open in the evenings in the near future.

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