Lewisham switches to fortnightly black bin collection

Lewisham Council writes:

​From June there will be big changes to rubbish and recycling collections.

Free food waste collections

Anyone who currently has their own rubbish and recycling wheelie bins (mostly those who live in a house or a flat in a converted house) will get:

  • a small food waste bin to go alongside their other bins
  • a smaller kitchen caddy for food waste.
This is a brand-new weekly collection service and is free of charge.

Changes to black bin collections

Collections of non-recyclable rubbish will switch to fortnightly for most properties and there will be some changes to collection days. Recycling collections will remain weekly.

With thanks to Rhymer for clocking it.

Hullabaloo, Deptford

Hullabaloo is a new Indian cafe on Douglas Way, Deptford. It joins a growing list of food options in the area and is a stone's throw from Deptford Market Yard.

Its website gives nothing away, so if you've had a chance to try it out, please share your thoughts here.


Tony's Plaice has gone, hail the new Kings.

The Brockley Cross fish and chip shop has had some cosmetic changes under its new owners, although it is fittingly sticking with the royal blue colour scheme.

But is it as good - or better- than its predecessor? Let us know once you've had a chance to try it out.

Thanks to Monkeyboy for the photo and the pun.

Writer seeks partner

Jacqui writes:

I am an aspiring writer who needs nudging and I am looking for a writing buddy.

Although writing and reading groups are great I'm really looking for an individual in the same boat as me  - have an idea for a book, done some of the donkey work but need some help / criticism / deadlines, etc - and would like to meet up once a week or so in a coffee shop in the area for mutual support.

- If you could be Jacqui's buddy, please email her here.

Brockley business break-in

Lewisham records 4% GDP growth as East rises

Lewisham's GDP grew at 4% in 2016, twice the national average, putting it in the top-10 fastest growing boroughs.

The figures, produced by property consultancy CBRE, reflect local economic activity, rather than salaries earned from jobs outside the borough. While Lewisham may be growing from a relatively low base, these numbers dispel the idea that Lewisham is just a 'dormitory borough', with economic activity being sucked away to other parts of the capital.

The Telegraph reports:

"While Westminster made the largest economic contribution, it only rose by two per cent last year in comparison to Hackney’s eight per cent. Jennet Siebrits, head of residential research at CBRE, puts this down to the north-east London borough’s “burgeoning technical and creative hub”.

"With Newham, Redbridge, Lewisham and the City of London all in the top 10, the results epitomise the rising of the east to become a dominant player in the London economy and the capital’s cultural identity.

“The real story here is the boom of the technology and creative industries in London, the epicentre of which is Hackney’s Shoreditch,” says Siebrits.

“There’s a rebalancing of London under way, with the east, which has traditionally underperformed, now catching up.”

This borough is currently benefiting from all the major trends currently re-drawing the capital: Rebalancing from West to East? Lewisham gains. Rise of inner London, relative to outer London? Lewisham gains. Leveling out of house price differentials as top of the market cools? Lewisham outperforms.

The figures are also a reminder that, banking-passport-or-not, London will continue to be the UK's main growth engine post-Brexit.


After the love has gone. A shop has become available
Ladywell did not love pasta enough to sustain We Love Pasta, the first new business in the door at PLACE Ladywell. The deli has carbo-loaded the removal van and left town. Ed writes:

"The posh pasta shop has gone... Jimmy Mizzen cafe reports 'yes, I think he's gone to Hackney or Brixton. The mid week trade wasn't good enough for him.'

"Meanwhile the cafe itself has been discovered by mums, digital nomads and others and seems to be doing OK all day every day."

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