Back in training

Brockley's traditional summer season of Octopush and Aussie Rules is over, time to re-discover winter games like football and badminton. Chris writes:

I think I'm probably on my 3rd round of e-mailing you. I wonder whether you would mind putting up a post about our Wednesday night Catford football (again!)…people just keep on having babies and moving!

We need players for Wednesday nights 5-a-side football at Catford. KO 19:30 subs of £5. All ages and abilities welcome. We're a bunch of 30 somethings having a competitive kick-around as opposed to a league team looking for players. E-mail Chris Gilbert or Joel

Likewise, Sian is back for more. She writes:

Honor Oak ladies badminton at the Honor Oak Community Centre has vacancies for 2 new players - it costs £7 a month - bring your own raquet. Contact / 07957956089

Weds 8.30-9.30 ladies only (there is an earlier mixed group who play from 6.30-8.30 for intermediate players only if any men are interested).

Malpas flooded

Malpas Road was closed this morning due to flooding, the result of a burst water main. Six basement flats were damaged by the water. The road has now been reopened. These two tweets this morning may have been related to one another:

Aladdin Cline

Lewisham fat-shamed

Lewisham has the 10th-highest rate of hospital admissions related to obesity in England, according to figures released by the NHS.

The rankings are dominated by northern areas, but Southwark and Lewisham take 9th and 10th places respectively. The Mirror reports:

In total last year there were 11,000 hospital admissions for obesity, almost ten times the figure for ten years ago.

The figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show women are roughly three times as likely to be treated for obesity as men.

The 2013 Health Profile for the borough showed that Lewisham suffers lower than average life expectancy, higher than average rates of heart disease, and perhaps most-worryingly, a higher than average rate of child obesity, suggesting the fat fight will take generations.

The North South Divide

Ndnd: It is true what they say... Women are from Omicron Persei 7, men are from Omicron Persei 9.
- Futurama

This map by the Future Cities Catapult, which divides the capital's population into eight typologies, illustrates the schism in the Greater Brockley hive mind.

The Whereabouts Map
North and Central Brockley is dominated by types 4 and 5 - young, single, car-less, child-less and mortgage less. Telegraph Hill and the southern end of Brockley, including Crofton Park and a large swathe of land running from Honor Oak through to East Dulwich are dominated type 1s - older, home-owning commuters. Pockets of West Brockley, Nunhead and Deptford have a type 8 profile - the youngest average age of all, most likely to be victims of anti-social behaviour and most likely to live in affordable housing.

These divides are largely dictated by the housing stock and are not all that surprising, but it's interesting to see where the fault lines lie and which areas have most in common with each other. Demographically, for example, central Brockley has more in common with central Lewisham, Blackheath and Greenwich than Crofton Park and Telegraph Hill. Likewise, the area around New Cross Gate has less in common with Deptford or Telegraph Hill than it does with Nunhead and the Brockley conservation area.

The methodology is explained here.


Lucy is looking for someone with a good dog to play with. She writes:

I've got a staff cross and she needs to socialise with other dogs. She is neutered and about 3 1/2. She isn't used to other dogs and I need a strong safe and gentle dog for her to learn to play with.

My dog is a strong staffie cross and needs a good romp with another dog. She is good-natured but doesn't know how to play with dogs so when she does she can be very forceful. I need the other dog to be very calm.

I live in Crofton Park so Hilly Fields would be a great place to meet on Sunday afternoons. Please get in touch.

Walls and shutters needed for the Brockley Street Art Festival

This is a huge opportunity to do something good with all the horrible, greying, dirty regulation-defying shutters which Brockley's shop owners are enamoured with. The Friends of the Brockley Street Art Festival write:

Calling all landlords, the Brockley area needs your walls and shutters!

The Brockley Street Art Festival is an exciting project that aims to improve the appearance of the area through the creation of stunning murals along the Brockley Corridor and throughout the neighbourhood.

The week long community event in May is being organised by local residents, the annual Brockley Max festival and Global Street Art (London's foremost mural-organisers). Artists and mural designs will be vetted rigorously and adhere to our strict code of ethics (nothing offensive).

Our hope is that the festival will become an annual event, working closely with other community arts groups and institutions. We have backing from the Lewisham Council, and we are building support with local landlords to turn the blank walls of Brockley, Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park into great art for everyone.

Please let us know if you are interested in talking to us about improving the appearance of your building. The murals will not cost you anything and there will be no risk to you (any murals that do not fit can be painted over). We are not asking you to commit to anything beyond having a chat and a cup of tea!

We anticipate that the Brockley Street Art Festival will enhance Brockley's existing reputation as an arts-minded neighbourhood and generate a lot of interest from both inside London and abroad. The benefits to Brockley, Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park could be considerable.

You could also benefit personally from improvements to the look of your property, and you would be facilitating something that would inspire local residents for generations.

Please email your interest to and

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