Central Line interchange for ELL could come as part of new Shoreditch terminus

Shoreditch's continued growth as a major employment cluster and the arrival of Crossrail in 2018 could provide the motivation and means for the transport authorities to create a new interchange between the East London Line and the Central Line.

Citymetric reports that Network Rail has proposed a major new rail terminus at Shoreditch - the first new London terminus since 1899 - to enable more people to access the area and take some of the strain off Liverpool Street, which is bursting at the seams.

The new terminus would serve developments like Bishopsgate Goods Yard
With major Shoreditch schemes like the redevelopment of Bishopsgate Goods Yard (pictured) at an advanced stage, new transport capacity is required.

As Citymetric point out, a new terminal served only by the East London Line won't work, so they will need to create an interchange with the Central Line, which many people argued should have been included in the original scheme, but the lack of capacity on the Central Line was a major factor that counted against the idea. Crossrail, however, should address that problem, alleviating the overcrowding.

The ELL is already getting a Crossrail interchange at Whitechapel in 2018. A Central Line interchange in the 2020s would be another useful new connection. But a Terminus at Shoreditch would pose even more questions about the long-term future of the ELL, which is already struggling to meet the demand of South East Londoners for good connections.

More capacity on the ELL and an accelerated Bakerloo Line extension might be needed, to unlock the potential of the City's eastern fringes.

Park for free in Lewisham tomorrow

For the final shopping weekend before Christmas, Lewisham Council is waiving parking fees at the car parks it owns, to encourage people in the borough to shop locally.

For the full list of participating car parks, click here.

Anatomy of a Pop Up

The pop-up shop on the corner of Lewisham Way and Tyrwhitt Road is slowly unfurling. As was predicted on the previous thread, it's a furniture shop, which complements Aladdin's Cave opposite.

Local Samaritans this Christmas

There is a Lewisham, Greenwich and Southwark Branch of Samaritans, which will offer a listening ear over Christmas, with volunteers available round the clock over the festive period, providing a safe space for anyone who needs to talk.

As well as being the most wonderful time of the year, it's also a period of acute stress and loneliness for many. The service is particularly keen for men to get in touch, since their research shows men are much less likely to seek counselling until a crisis point has hit.

Click here for the details of the local Samaritans branch and donate to the service here.

Seriously bro, do you even lift?

The Brockley lovelock is already starting to have its malign effect. Only a few weeks after the long-awaited and over-engineered lift at Brockley Station opened, it is now closed until further notice due to a fault.

With thanks to Monkeyboy for the heads-up.


After the Paris love locks brought down a bridge, the philophiles have moved on to Brockley Station, leaving this lock, perhaps as a symbol of their love for Brockley itself, or perhaps as a tribute to the godfather of the green politics movement, James Lovelock.

Sorting office hours should be for life, not just for Christmas

Melvyn wants to round up a posse of local residents to lobby for longer hours at Brockley Sorting Office. He writes:

I was so used to having to wait until Saturday to pick up packages that wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, that I almost missed the revised Xmas hours when the last advice card was left - they now open from 6.30 through to 17.30 Monday to Friday.

I at first thought this a welcome change to the ridiculously short window of time we normally have to collect parcels, but I was told it’s for the Xmas period only.

When I asked where to write to request the current service be extended all year around I was told that Royal Mail Customer Service was the probably only avenue.  Shame.  There must be some way to collectively put some pressure on Royal Mail to extend the old hours to something more practical? 

If you want to join Melvyn's movement for change, let him know in the comments below.

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