Global Street Art 2015

The Global Street Art festival, which festoons walls across a neighbourhood with brilliant art is working with Londonist to find a new home, so they are putting a shout out to communities across London to find the best bid. Londonist says:

If you think a street art festival would do your neighbourhood good, and you know local groups who are prepared to help, then email with your nomination and a summary of why you think your community could benefit in 50-100 words. 

Deadline for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Friday 1 August. The best, most feasible nominations will be shortlisted and the public will decide who gets it. Then everyone’s invited!

Could Brockley do a Qatar? Is #Newisham the new Rio? Will street art do for Deptford what European Capital of Culture status is doing for Riga? We've got lots of crappy walls in need of a legacy effect - bring graffiti home!

Boris persuaded to fixing deathtrap Deptford Junction

Deptford Broadway is a pretty disastrous bit of road layout, so anything that can be done to make it easier to navigate would be a huge step forward. This encouraging bit of news is from the office of Darren Johnson at the London Assembly:

Responding to lobbying by Darren Johnson AM, the Mayor of London has committed himself to address the concerns over pedestrian safety at Deptford Broadway.

Darren asked the Mayor to have an “investigation into how a pedestrian stage can be accommodated at this junction, and ensure works are completed as soon as possible.” The Mayor said that he was:

“…pleased to report that a preliminary design is in discussion which could potentially achieve this. This proposal will be finalised and modelled in detail before it is shared with stakeholders later this year, and TfL will be happy to share this with you.”

Darren commented:

“I look forward to seeing the detail of the plans to make Deptford Junction a safer place to cross. This sounds like welcome news on a hazardous road crossing which has been a nightmare for so many years. This junction feels dangerous and is dangerous. It has acted as a barrier which has divided one side of the community from the other. However, this junction needs a major over haul not minor tweeks.”

Greenspaces: Camberwell New Cemetery

At the end of St Norbert Road lies the neatly turned out Camberwell New Cemetery.

Created as an overflow for Camberwell Old Cemetery in 1927 its inexorable growth was temporarily halted when campaigners successfully staved off an attempt to expand it into neighbouring Honor Oak Rec.

Added to the Greenspaces map.

How well do you know Greater Brockley?

The ONS has produced a quiz designed to test how well you know your neighbourhood, based on key metrics about the people who surround you. Taking the test is a chastening experience.

We managed 50% accuracy for Brockley Ward, having let ourselves down by wildly misestimating how many of us are a) Christian and b) have a degree. We won't spoil the surprise if you plan on taking the test yourself, but let us say that one result was encouraging...

Sadly, none of the questions asks "how many people are "real Brockley" as opposed to "new faux Brockley".

Wrenches, Trenches, and Stenches

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd August, 11am-4pm
Ladywell Chapel, Ladywell Cemetery, Ladywell Road

This public art exhibition commemorates the start of the First World War. Women war artists were commissioned in the First World War, but had few opportunities to venture beyond
the domestic, social, and industrial operations on the home front.

This public art exhibition has commissioned seven women artists to give their unique perspective on the First World War from life on the front line, as well as on the home front. Each artist has produced 3 artworks: commemorating the start of the war in 1914; the middle of the war in 1916; and the end of the war on Armistice Day in 1918.

- Nicky Scott-Francis looks at the landscape of war based on research at the Imperial War Museum - particularly the fear of a gas attack.
- Jolanta Jagiello based on research from the Musei della Grande Guerra Open Air Museum in South Tyrol examines how deliberately setting off avalanches saw thousands of soldiers serving in the Alpine Front killed.
- Elisabeta Chojak-Mysko’s artworks focus on the heat of battle so that we should not forget.
- Sara Scott tells the personal story of her grandfather’s munitions factory and its contribution to the war effort.
- Louise Kosinska traces the love story between her grandfather in Belgium and her grandmother serving as Red Cross Nurse.
- Monica Wheeler highlights how families were divided by the war, serving on all sides.
- Jill Rock concentrates on her German family roots, interned in Britain for their own safety.

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