Dawn Chorus, March 31st

Tom writes:

Spring in Brockley would not be complete without the Dawn Chorus walk, organised by the Friends of Hilly Fields. This year's walk takes place on Tuesday 31 March. Meet outside the cafe on Hilly Fields at 6am for a walk around the park and the Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries.

So far this year, the birds have been very vocal and active so we expect to hear all the usual songbirds, plus maybe a woodpecker drumming, a collared dove cooing and the birds that merely tweet.

More details here.

The Deptford and New Cross Easter Beer Hunt

We're going on a beer hunt. We're going to catch a big one. We're not scared. What a beautiful day!

The Royal Albert team have hidden 38 colourful eggs in businesses across Deptford and New Cross. Solve one of the six riddles and head to the venue in question to do your best impression of a chicken laying an egg to earn yourselves free drinks at the Albert.

Full rules and the six riddles here.

Bakerloo consultation produces massive yes vote

TfL has published the results of its recent consultation about the proposed southern extension of the Bakerloo Line via Lewisham. It found that:

- The vast majority of South East Londoners want it to happen (96% of respondents)

- There is an overwhelming consensus that South East London is relatively poorly served by public transport

- That the route proposed for the more populated, more middle-class area (Camberwell / Peckham Rye - 64%) received more public support than the route through a designated regeneration area, currently populated by warehouses and car lots (Old Kent Road - 49%)

A useful exercise, we can surely all agree.

In amongst the statements of the obvious, there are one or two interesting findings, including that there is marginally more support for the line to stop in Bromley than in Beckenham and Hayes and little appetite for it to end in Lewisham.

The most telling result was that this consultation produced one of the highest turnouts in TfL history, despite the project's modest scope, underlining how much of a no-brainer this is.

Next steps: Get on with it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this to us.

Spring tonight

Coming soon: Heckstall & Smith

Joe: Then I saw it, I saw a mom who would die for her son, a man who would kill for his wife, a boy, angry & alone, laid out in front of him the bad path. I saw it & the path was a circle, round & round. So I changed it.
- Looper

As one local business closes, another springs into life. Heckstall & Smith will be bringing their special breed of butchery to the streets of Ladywell soon. More to come soon.

Maddy's closes

Maddy's Fish Bar in New Cross, which last week announced that it had temporarily closed for personal reasons, has now been repossessed by the landlords. The posh fish-and-chip shop brought something new to the area, so it's a real shame to see it go. Business is hard.

A Field in New Cross

The Field is a community project designed to create a new public garden space on the west side of New Cross. The team behind the vision want to convert a Queens Road garden into a place with facilities to support local self-organised activities, events and projects.

They explain:

This isn't just a community garden! This is an experiment in the act of collectively creating new common space, in negotiating its use, how its run and maintained so it can to meet the diverse needs and interests of everyone who uses it.

  • We will build a workshop to host practical events, classes & projects.
  • The workshop will be a resource with the tools for people to make, repair & experiment.
  • A glasshouse will provide space for group meetings & classes, as well as for growing.
  • An outdoor kitchen will make neighbourhood meals, events and People's Kitchens possible.
  • We will create growing spaces to experiment with urban agriculture methods, including a roof-garden.
  • A covered social area will be created for us to meet, for public events, performances, film screenings and parties.

They are half-way to their fundraising target of £10,000 and you can find out more and back the project here.

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