Goldsmiths gallery design chosen

Design website Dezeen has lots of new images of the winning design for Goldsmiths' planned new art gallery. The winning architecture practice, Assemble, was chosen from a shortlist of six by a panel of judges including Antony Gormley and David Chipperfield.

The project will convert the old tanks at the Laurie Grove bathhouse into display space. The gallery is a key element of the University's emerging masterplan, which will transform its campus and the wider New Cross landscape.
A substantial part of the funding for the project, which was announced in 2011, will come from the auction of works of art by Goldsmiths alumni. The gallery is slated for completion in 2016. Thanks to Anna Dent for the link.

The NOx on all your houses

Inspired by the news that Oxford Street has the highest levels of NOx (a major air pollutant) of any street in the world (where the numbers are accurately measured and reported), local blog Green in SE13, has investigated Lewisham's record on NOx. It notes:

Well, according to “Air quality in Lewisham: A Guide for Public Health Professionals", produced by the Mayor’s office in 2012, there are a number of areas of concern. The report highlights a few areas of the borough which are a particular problem:

- New Cross Road 
- Loampit Vale 
- Brockley Cross
- Catford Gyratory

...Of particular concern is that both Catford and New Cross NO2 levels averaged 51 mg/m3 compared to a legal limit of 40.

Obviously, these are places where road traffic gets snarled (congestion, rather than traffic, is the real killer) and one of these, at least, is about to get worse, during the redevelopment of Lewisham town centre.

Click here for the article and list of links.

A Rox for all your houses

BCer Neil feels blessed by the nearby presence of Rox Burger (82 Lee High Road) and is anxious that as many people as possible pack their colons with its wares, so that it can flourish. He writes:

Went to Rox Burgers last night and it was effing brilliant. For a start, they ask you how you want it done - what joy! Got a cheeseburger, medium rare, loads of cheese - smothered in it. Burger was nice and juicy, crisp, fresh salad, brioche bun (as they all insist on doing now). And the chips were sensational.

First bite was messy but once it got that out of its system no mess, the perfect hand food. No booze license yet but that’s fine as for me burgers and chips are one of the few things that make coca cola the way to go.

I urge you to visit. Probably the best I've had since #meateasy went to join the hoorays. It was all I could do not to embrace the fellow that cooked it. They're on twitter and facebook and will be delivering soon apparently. Bet it's at least as good as anything the ridiculous model market is dishing up and these don’t charge you to get in.

Catford Bridge access issues

More train anguish. Paul has been in touch with Lewisham Council and writes:

I walk to Catford Bridge station every morning via Ladywell Fields and Adenmore Road.

Recently, two high fences had appeared blocking all pedestrian access to the station from Ladywell Fields. Now pedestrians have to walk via the South Circular to get to the station, a considerable detour.

One fence was broach-able while the other was not, in the absence of a rope ladder or battering ram. Could a pedestrian access corridor not be kept open, running parallel to the Ravensbourne on Adenmore Road?

The Catford Green contractors onsite said that the two fences would be in place for five weeks and that signage had previously been up to indicate this, which neither I nor a fellow commuter had seen.

I am pleased that hopefully-affordable housing is being built in the local area, but hope that a way might be found to allow pedestrian access to Catford Bridge station during the works.

Brockley train service to be disrupted next month

This will be fun. TfL issues this advice for people travelling from Brockley station:

From Saturday 23 until Sunday 31 August, services at London Bridge mainline rail station will be affected while engineering work is carried out by Network Rail. This is part of the Thameslink Programme to increase capacity and improve connections. London Bridge Tube station will not be affected.

If you normally use Brockley station, please note the following for this 9 day period:

• London Overground weekday services between Sydenham and Canada Water are expected to be busier than usual for the time of year, with crowding and queuing on platforms, especially during the morning and evening peaks. This is as a result of National Rail customers using this route while their services are not running
• An enhanced London Overground service will operate between Crystal Palace and Canada Water during the morning and evening peaks to help meet increased demand

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