The Delight House Cafe, Lewisham Way

The Delight House Cafe has just opened on Lewisham Way, next to the Tesco Metro.

The d├ęcor is attempting modern, but the offer is decidedly 80s old-school - buns, iced eclairs, ice cream and coffee.

The options are a little thin at this early stage but as a place for a bit of tea and cake with friendly staff, it's great.

BC refuses to write the word KIDZ

For Everyman, A Religion

For Each A Road - In this case, New Cross Road, where the Jehovah's Witnesses are refurbishing Kingdom Hall
Juiced workers. Joy withheld.
Jesus wept. Judgement waits.

Rail strike threatens train services [Strike cancelled]

UPDATE: The strike's off after the union got a pay deal

Just in time for the bank holiday, TfL says:

Network Rail unions have called 48 hours of country-wide industrial action on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May. If the strike goes ahead, it will affect Southern rail services on Monday, Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.

No Transport for London or London Underground staff will be on strike and so the vast majority of our services will run as normal. However, as some of these rely on Network Rail signals and power supply, if the industrial action goes ahead, no services will run on the London Overground except between Dalston Junction and New Cross/New Cross Gate which will operate from 08:00 and 13:00 on Monday and 08:00 and 17:00 on Tuesday.

For more information visit 

Parents' P2P plea - free up more primary places

On the back of the last article about Lewisham Council's search for more space to build homes, BC was reminded of Parents 4 Primary Places, a campaign by Lewisham parents who want more primary school places. They say:

An impassioned plea to all parents with children starting school September 2015.

Creating more local primary places requires long term investment and planning and there is no quick fix. There is however something that you can do to help parents like us currently stuck in the system.

Create movement in the waiting lists!

Did you know that if you have been offered a school lower down your list you are held in a waiting list for every school you have listed above? For a whole year!

For some of you the school you have been allocated may be the one you are happy with and have no intention of accepting a different allocation should it come up. Each unwanted place that is held whether in a school or in a waiting list stops the wheels from turning just that little bit more and could mean the difference between a place in a local school or 3 miles away for our children.

The more spaces freed on a waiting list moves our children a step nearer to our preferred school. And quickly. So we are making a very polite request to any parent/carer who is on a waiting list for a school they absolutely and completely know they do not want, to contact Lewisham Admissions on 020 8314 8282 and relinquish that place.

That may only be a handful of you, but it could make all the difference to our children. Thanks, from all of us.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Lewisham launches land search

Lewisham Council has launched a search for land in the borough suitable for redevelopment to help the borough meets its new homes target. They say:

We have issued a call for sites to be included in the Lewisham 2015 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

The purpose of this study is to update the database of sites available to meet the borough’s housing targets until 2033,  and to provide evidence for the Lewisham Local Plan (currently in preparation) of the land available to meet those targets.

The study will assess sites throughout the borough for their potential to help address the borough’s housing needs. These will include sites proposed in response to this call for sites.

All nominated sites over 0.25 hectares will be considered as part of the study, and will be assessed for housing suitability, using strategic and site information through the London Housing Capacity Study System.

Your nominated sites should be received by the Lewisham Planning Service by 30 June 2015. Click here for more information.

If Lewisham is like the majority of London boroughs, those sites will tend to lie along its boundaries.

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