NYE at the Rivoli

No child left behind: Kids have to be a minimum of 6 years old

Mexican pop-up at the BFM

Homer: Animals are crapping in our houses, and we're picking it up! Did we lose a war? That's not America. That's not even Mexico!
- The Simpsons

Lest you think that this news means that the Broca Food Market has taken its foot off the gas, Maria wants you to know about their new Taco Sundays. She says:

We're hosting Taco Sunday at the Broca Food Market every Sunday from 11.30am to 5pm until Christmas We use only fresh products from the market and have been trading at Brixton street market for over a year now.
We'll be serving old-fashioned Mexican recipes for tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, salsas and delicious chicken soup. Drinks on offer include traditional Jamaica water (hibiscus), Orchata (rice & cinnamon), lemonade sweetened with agave syrup for a skinny alternative to normal lemonade and coffee.

New restaurant set for West Side

A new restaurant looks set to open on Mantle Road, on the west side of Brockley Station.

The team behind the project is in the final stages of securing the lease for units 3 and 4 of the parade, which are currently occupied by the Broca Food Market (the owners have been seeking a new tenant for their premises, to allow them to relocate).

Until the deal's done, there are no more details to share, but the ambition is to create a full-blown restaurant, rather than a cafe / shop / takeaway / whatever hybrid.

More news soon, hopefully.

Craftmas Collective - November 29th

The Loyal Tannenbaums

The Brockley Cross Action Group is using Patchwork Present to organise a neighbourhood whip round to buy our own Christmas tree. So if a local tree would boost your festive spirits, click here to contribute what you can. Suzanne writes:

We'd like a big beautiful tree for Brockley this Christmas, and now that councils have stopped paying for Christmas trees we need a bit of help! Just contribute what you can afford and we can all enjoy a lovely tree in our town centre this Christmas. 

The Brockley Christmas Market is organised by the BXAG, a community group and registered charity, and run by unpaid volunteers. The Market is run as an independent event and receives no financial support or subsidy from Lewisham Council.

Brockley Market Christmas 2014

It's a month to go before Christmas and Brockley Market wants you all to know that it will be open every Saturday until Christmas, only closing on the 27th. It also wants you to know that it's up for another award - The Urban Food Awards, which will be announced on December 4th.

Metro writes longest resignation letter in history

One of BC's neighbours is a former writer for Metro. No wonder the guy got out.

Metro's editorial team have put their heads together and come up with this list of London boroughs, ranked from worst to best, in their opinion. Lewisham comes 28th, beating only the boroughs that got no votes - including Kingston, Havering, Bexley and Redbridge.

Now, not even Metro is taking this list seriously, but house prices being equal, it would be hard to make the case that Lewisham deserves to be ranked above Camden, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster or even Southwark. Beyond these ones though, Lewisham can hold its head up alongside a host of other boroughs:

  • Hackney? Cool, but dirty and often inaccessible. See also: Haringey
  • Richmond, Wandsworth and Merton? Handsome but stiff and monocultural
  • Barnet? Far too far out and not worth the bother
  • Tower Hamlets? Too many flats, too many elaborate road systems
  • Hammersmith & Fulham? Surely London's most overrated borough
But the clincher is that Greenwich made it to number 3. As a Greenwich native, BC has a foot in both camps and can safely say that Lewisham is the much better borough. Greenwich Park is majestic, Greenwich town centre is nice early in the morning before the tourists get there. Westcombe Park has stunning streets but no transport connections and the Standard is an embarrassment.  Their bits of Blackheath are nice, but ours are nicer. Beyond that, it ranges from adequate to awful, with terrible transport links. No one who knows anything about the borough would rank it third.

Lewisham is an underwhelming place to visit, but an amazing place to live.

Most importantly, BC has just spent the last week outside the London bubble and therefore feels obligated to point out that all 32 London boroughs are the real winners.

Thanks to Patrick for the heads up.

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